Since the beginning of my existence I have been actively helping artists, brands and elite musicians launch and significantly enhance their music careers with innovative music marketing strategies designed for real growth. I encourage my clients to embrace all aspects of the music business which has relied heavily as of late on effective digital approaches to music marketing. Labels and music sponsors alike are looking to sign and partner with artists who have built an effective network that they can embed their products and advertisements in to leading to revenue for the label or sponsor. The internet is a system and it is your job as a serious music entity to establish your place, monetize it and grow it. What makes me different in how my company has been able to help music businesses successfully is because I’m a full service digital marketing company that specializes in music marketing. My clients choose me for website design services, song & video promotion, branding, monetizing and more. Select from the list below to learn more about each service and how it works.

Tell Your Story With An Official Music Website

I design websites for millennial musicians, artists and creators. Clients choose me for my custom designs, mobile friendly layouts and innovative search engine optimization and product engine optimization approach. Connecting with your fans in 2018 is growing in both importance as well as difficulty in this digital age. As music fans demand easier access to listening to their favorite songs, scrolling through dynamic photo galleries and exploring newsworthy content, greater expectations have carried over to the emerging artist sector. One of the best ways to connect with your audience is with a music website. I build beautiful websites that are mobile friendly and designed to increase your subscribers, YouTube views and SoundCloud plays. The best part is that I can also help monetize your website so you can get paid for your music helping cover some of those much needed expenses that tend to add up over the course of your musical career.


Music Promotion Services by Mr. Ruben J Burgos / Urban Media Global Network Collective

I am a effective music promotion company that offers a variety of 100% organic music promotion services. I can help you learn how to gain new fans on Soundcloud, get new subscribers on YouTube and reach real listeners on Spinrilla. Moving your music forward can be difficult. Especially with the fact that record labels and music listeners alike are becoming more adept to utilizing the many tools made available by the internet in order to evaluate credibility and authenticity. The new trend has lead towards more Google searches, social media accessibility is becoming a standard and labels want to see real promotion campaigns managed over time. Get help from the highest rated and most used music promotion company in the United States. I host successful digital music marketing campaigns everyday for musicians, producers, labels and music brands.

Many musicians that have put dedication to building there platform lack one essential key element in this era of musicians syndication and that is being verified with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Should you choose to work with us we will be sure to get you verified ASAP to gain more followers and to be booked at a better rate.


I’m available to help any musicians with marketing promotion and design development syndication in managing there digital. Content is king and you have had the vision to the next level with a professional at your side. Don’t try to do all the work yourself, out source to be place in a better position in all that you strive to accomplish. My fees are very fair in this ever evolution of the entertainment market. Contact me today and lets get started.

Quoted – Mr. Ruben J Burgos



Are you a musician looking for promotion, marketing, design and development, press publication, syndication, social media blasting, electronic press kits, media press kits, radio campaigns, tour bookings, venue bookings, digital management?

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