A well written press release is extremely vital to any marketing campaign because it is a proverbial “shout-out” regarding your Band/CD/Music/Gig. That being said, it has become incredibly difficult to gain or attract attention and stand out among the mass of other musicians, bands, and other entertainers and services for that matter. Mr. Ruben J Burgos has excelled over the past in the practice of writing powerful, attention grabbing press release copy that creates value and drives a response. Press releases developed by the Urban Media Global media team have appeared in both major wire print and their online publications giving our artist maximum exposure for their images and products. We work diligently to do the same for you and your products.

How it works? There are two options, first a 500 word press release is drafted by our in house artist marketing reps then sent to you for approval. You can then review the drafted press release and have the option to send it back for (1) one or (2) two revisions depending on which option you purchase. After revisions have been made, if any, the press release is sent back to you for final approval. Once final approval has been made and confirmed then all other changes will incur a charge of an additional $10 per item. After final approval your press release can be scheduled for delivery and distribution to our network of media outlets.

Have your cd reviewed by top level industry professionals and credible media personnel and the industry “tastemakers” who are essentially music critics with a fairly trusted reputation of grading and judging the quality and likely success of a particular single or complete album. I developed many key relationships with industry contacts such as media, radio, internet and terrestrial sales and distribution outlets that we are able to leverage when communicating about your music. While I can’t guarantee that your CD review will be 100% favorable from our sources, we can assure you that our experts will critique your music fairly and provide useful and beneficial feedback.

How it works? A professional CD review will be delivered to you that can be used to service a variety of marketing applications (press kit, magazine, e-zine, newspaper review submission, online music entertainment review outlets). In addition to a marketing advisory report that will detail the preferred and optimal combination of services and promotions in order to maximize your marketing efforts for that particular CD. In most cases I will be able to offer you the recommended services, however, in the event that we do not service a specific individual need you will be readily advised on the best avenue in which to pursue your promotional needs.

More and more artist are using the tremendous growth and popularity of the social networking phenomenon that is Facebook to showcase their talent and to gain the type of exposure that is required to expand their careers. By now it really is not secret that many record company A&R executives and promotions and managers are now using social networks like Facebook as a talent pool from which to locate the hottest new talent. Our Facebook service is excellent way by which to get your music noticed.

How it works? With our Facebook service we are able to use geo-demographic target marketing to promote your music to a specific groups in order to maximize your exposure and move your music up the rankings which is key to getting recognized on Facebook. Not only can we attract fans that are interest in your music, we can also increase your song plays and profile likes and as your page increases in popularity so will the attractiveness of your band and music which means you have a better fighting chance of competing for attention with the major label artist and bands. We have different levels that we are able to impact your Facebook Artist like page.

I offer an extremely effective way to promote your music and make your marketing dollars work for you. E-marketing is a solid, proven method to generate significant buzz and attention and most importantly sales for your music.

How it works? I will target the genre, geographic location, and age demographic that is going to be best suited and most likely to listen and be interested in your music. You send me the .mp3 file and artwork to me and I will do the rest. I will create the layout and send you a proof to approve. Upon approval of your mailer we schedule a time and duration of the email blast that depends on my current scheduling load. I will also send you a tracking report after your mailer duration has completed so that you can view click-thru rates and link hit rates.

Artist Managers
Booking Agents
Music Promoters
Entertainment Music Blogs
Music Producers
Record Pools
College Radio
Music Tastemakers
Entertainment Magazines
Radio DJ’s
On Air Radio Host
Radio Programmers
A&R Agents
Mainstream Radio
Online Radio
Street Teams
Music Website Owners
Music Bloggers

Social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Myspace have become a global phenomenon over the last 10 years. Anyone who is anyone has made it their business to create themselves an online presence on these individual websites. So then a premium is placed on being able to stand out in the ‘jungle’ of profiles. Our designers will work with you to create a unique look that features you as an artist or band/group and conveys the presence that you want people to see. Don’t waste time – Contact our designers today to see how we can help you stand out from the crowd, because it’s your music and you should show it off.

Cost: $Varies by design and content desired. Contact me below for marketing and promotions department today!




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I’m focused on being the best in the industry with what I do best (Web Design, Develop, Market, Promote, Syndicate) .  

– Ruben J Burgos Sr., CEO


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