Urban Media Global Network Collective

URBAN MEDIA GLOBAL NETWORK COLLECTIVE is a full service talent marketing and promotion firm. They are a division of ARTIST PROMOTION MULTIMEDIA MUSIC NETWORK COLLECTIVE and have been putting eyes on music, videos, models, news all over the globe with syndication platforms abroad.
Mr. Ruben J Burgos Sr would have left quite the legacy in the music industry, and it all started in July of 2015 upon his release from New York State Correctional Facility after doing four years on a false charge. It was with in those walls that Mr. Ruben J Burgos Sr. took his experience and a leap of faith and formed Urban Media Global Network Collective. He integrated “Urban” and “Media” into the company’s name to communicate his vision of a company that prided itself on upholding the highest standards of excellence being “Global” hence “Urban Media Global”. The Urban Media Global Network Collective continues to uphold these standards as it grows, leaning on the foundations built by Burgos and using them to expand to new heights that has made its founder proud.
As the music industry evolved, so did Urban Media Global Network Collective. Rapid technological advances and corporate consolidation inspired further company expansion and growth. Burgos realized that there was a virtually untapped market for New York City Club Promotion, so he created Urban Media Global Club Events in 2016 to increase exposure for clients with club booking-oriented material. The company had already seen previous success with their involvement in the entertainment business. For Mr. Ruben J Burgos Sr. being release from prison the transition was a logical move. Prior to 2016, Burgos created a digital media development in 2007 called Artist Promotion Multimedia Music Network, which at the time was one of the first to help and provide clients with a well-rounded digital presence. Both recent ventures continue to thrive in an otherwise unpredictable industry.
In an industry turned practically upside down, it is proof that the philosophy and diversity of Urban Media Global’s Network Collective has led to an enviable position in New York City for many major signed and unsigned musicians. Its success in publicity, marketing, video and radio promotion, consulting, event coordination, new media relations, and dance club promotions has created a truly unique reputation in the music business.
This perpetual multi-tasking only means more opportunities for the company in the future. “Necessity is the mother of invention,” Burgos has said in his typical easygoing fashion. “As long as we remember that content is king and continue to provide professional niche market media services, the future looks bright.”
True to his word, the future looks very bright for Urban Media Global and it’s massive network collective. www.umgnetwork.com