Urban Media Global Network Collective “Industry Shaker (Mr. Dope Chef)” Elevates Multi Industries Through Trials & Tribulations In Life.

The owner and founder of Urban Media Global Network Collective Mr. Ruben J Burgos also referred to as Mr. Dope Chef has now established a blueprint for any upcoming musician or model looking for more exposure in the entertainment world aligning him self with industry shakers with major record labels to radio rotation with F.M. disc jockeys and single release parties in any club in New York City. The multi-hat entrepreneur has assembled a network of services and opportunity across the New York City area all the way down to Florida on the east coast. The self made mogul didn’t always have it easy as he has seen both sides of good and evil first hand which in turn made him stronger. When ask what brought him into the music industry and at what age the answer was cold and chilling to a point where the emotionless boss said everything happens for a reason and that tragic event will never go in vain. What Mr. Burgos was referring to was the death of his sister by her manager who became obsess with her and killed her after she wanted to leave her contract to pursue her dreams under better management. His life went into a down spiral at the age of twelve years old from school grades to street life and joining a gang not caring about consequences or repercussions in what the life in detailed. He also became aware of an industry to a point where he self taught his self the music industry becoming one of the most established and talked about leaders in entertainment with film music and fashion. Life fast forward the Chef of the game was labeled dope after being released from prison mid 2015 doing four years for a petty crime of cursing a judge out toward the said charge and taunting police on social media. 2019 the same man released a collective that embodied the independent talent to make a cross of Independent Major. With that said Urban Media Global Network Collective has a portfolio that consist of musicians, models, djs, clubs, businesses, publications, media agencies and much more.