Mr. Ruben J Burgos a.k.a ( Mr. Dope Chef ) elevates and monopolizes multi-industries.

Whether people care to admit or not Founder & Owner of Urban Media Global Network Collective Mr. Ruben J Burgos has single handily taken multi industries to the next level with technology. Independent and major in the same realm of shaking creative concepts elevating sophistication for the culture dynamics of unity with sound and fun filled entertainment Mr. Burgos has created a digital monopoly in Film, Music, Fashion and Automobile catering to society as a whole. Being a self achieved mogul and guru in marketing, promotion and design syndication Mr. Burgos is successful owning more then five thousand enriched online management digital properties in relations to different industries. In a rare interview on 105.1 FM Mr. Burgos is quoted after being ask if he gets time to sleep he replied “When I Die I’ll Sleep, I’m Considered Money and From What I Know Money Never Sleeps, I Let My Money Work For Me” – Mr. Dope Chef (105.1 F.M. Interview). Determination, perseverance, drive, dedication has motivated many to join the movement that never sleeps and always makes moves. In the beginning of October the industry Mr. Dope Chef ( Mr. Ruben J Burgos ) wanted to show how driven media content could enhance a musicians come up with being at the right place at the right time around heavy weights and successful business entrepreneurs. Seeing the club market a consumer tool in getting to their ear with a finished project of a musician and seeing how the consumers react to it was a new lane to pave way for musicians to cross market themselves through multi club appearances performances and meet and greets making their brand a asset rather and oppose to just a hobbyist looking to just be a one hit wonder. Mr. Ruben J Burgos is a self motivated role model in the community not letting a past define him.