Justice For Lust – Corrupted Police Target Minority Business – Justice For Lust

Trees aren’t the only thing smoked in Brooklyn according to crooked police officials. The corruption among police officials and hard working New York City minorities has been exposed and yet till date it seems government officials are sweeping this incident under the rug. Known as the prestigious elite clubs of New York City, the club, also known as Love & Lust, shut down after an alleged extortion shakedown by members of the NYPD, who allegedly were unjustly targeting the club, as well as demanding gifts and favors from the owner. Imran Jairam, Love & Lust’s owner, who has filed a $125 million claim in an attempt to prove these allegations, according to Page Six

Cardi B has never been one to shy away from her history as a stripper, openly talking about it in interviews and referencing it in her songs. In a show of stripper solidarity, Cardi B has expressed outrage over the closing down of New York’s Club Lust, the club where she used to strip before she became famous. On her Instagram story yesterday, Cardi shared her concerns over the club’s fate, saying, “Justice for LUST!!! Come on now that’s fucked up, never a shoot out, nobody ever got murked. Its like you can’t win for shit!!! OPEN THEM LOCKS.”

The club has been a favorite among local rappers. 50 Cent has recently found himself in trouble while also trying to defend the club. In an Instagram post, 50 refers to a NYPD Deputy Inspector and uses his catchphrase, “get the strap.” The police appeared to take that as a threat, and 50 reportedly ended up under police investigation over the post. The club was also the site of the squashing of beefbetween Tekashi 6ix9ine and Casanova.

While the club is closed, the formerly employed strippers will be forced to work elsewhere. The NYPD, on their part, claim that the club is trying to “shift focus from their bad conduct”, quick to shift there own wrongs and aim to keep a blind eye to the public on whats really happening. In plain form Lust was home to many who worked for there money and proved for there extended families and future endeavors of paying for college or starting up there own business, this was a tactic by the NYPD using Mafia extortion ways of bettering there own pockets and not serving the community but hindering it with false accusations and lies. The truth of the matter is NYPD considers this club a unity spot among minorities and did not want to see it grow to its full potential. The club is known for giving back to the community in many ways.

This article has been inspired by the fact that I’m a hard working business man that loves to mellow down and enjoy the view of these beautiful woman who have been put out a job, a business man that loves the staff and atmosphere at the establishment. I ask that we all unite like the music we hear in this spot that makes our night entertaining which is our given right to share, post and comment with your opinions and thoughts. In photo is Mr. Ruben J Burgos Aka Mr. Dope Chef with Frank The Suit, Business as usual. Can’t stop a circle that never had negativity and only good vibes and times at a respectable establishment.