Irv Gotti Strikes And 50 Cent May Just Feel This One!

Murder Inc and 50 Cent will be at war forever, but Irv Gotti just struck a blow to his enemy.

(AllHipHop Rumors) UHHH…the war between 50 Cent and Murder Inc won’t end ever. 50 Cent said some things about Irv Gotti’s show “Tales,” which has been very successful. But it was Irv’s clap back that included “Power” that really was interesting. Check it all below, but make certain you read the text in the ‘Gram:

This whore can’t keep Tales name out his mouth. Lol. I’m not saying anything else. No worries my people. It will be just this one time. I’m back to work. Directing All I Need. Oct 10th. TALES is back on BET! Right after the Hip Hop Awards. My Trap Queens Episode. Hip Hop Cultured TV at its Finest!! It’s a show like no other show. TALES.#talesonbet #tidal #hiphopculturedtv #visionaryideas Follow @visionaryideas@murderincrecords Snapchat is irvgotti2626