Foster Sin Directed, Written & Produced By Ray Loot Pushes The Envelope!!!

A master at work! In the everyday life of society we see and hear stories of unimaginable trials and tribulations in other beings life’s. We witness the atrocities in the justice system on fellow peers, when children have suffered abuse or neglect and cannot safely remain with their families, child welfare officials are obligated to provide them safe and appropriate homes, adequate services to ensure their well-being and resources to recover from trauma. Unfortunately, too many children will be further maltreated at the hands of the people entrusted with their protection. When the government removes children from parents it claims are abusive, neglectful, or unfit, at a minimum the government must place the children in safer environments than those they left. In many cases, this does not happen. Throughout our country, foster children are placed in homes and institutions where they suffer horrendous abuse and neglect, and sometimes even death, at the hands of their purported protectors. From the creator of the hit web series “Gimme The Loot”, Ray Loot brings to you, “Foster Sin”. “Foster Sin” is a story about a few rebellious foster kids that are gonna take revenge on a few abusive adults.