Mr. Dope Chef Exclusive Behind The Industry!

People hate what they can’t achieve. I’m a media mogul that sees this industry for what it is. A lot of moves get done in the background and certain people never get credit for it. My name is Ruben J Burgos and in the industry I go by Mr. Dope Chef or R. Mack Milly. A lot of you will ask why do I do what I do in the entertainment business? The answer is simple; to support my family and help my community, nothing more, nothing less. I’m the Founder & Owner of Urban Media Global Network Collective & Artist Promotion Multimedia Music Network with many sub companies underneath, I’m a professional web designer and developer, a published poet, artist digital manager, clothing designer, gang advocate among many more titles. I’ve had the privilege of working with many artist on stage and off stage in special events to gather content for my developments of more than 2,000 websites. Some of the musicians I’ve had an honor of working with include Young M.A., Desiigner, Jadakiss, Fat Joe, French Montana, Uncle Murda, Phresher, ASAP Rocky, Remy Ma, Papoose, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, T.I., Troy Ave, Bobby Shmurda, Manolo Rose, Young Hustle, Cam’ron, Kidd Kidd, 50 Cent, Tey Mack, Mayo Fox, Terry Nichols, Colby Bright, Trev Mulah, Ty Banga among many more independent and commercial musicians.

I’ve seen this industry change the roots of pioneers who had definition behind the culture of Hip Hop. In today’s age there is no respect for the history of Hip Hop as it has become watered down. I believe I have a purpose of reviving the industry with raw talent. The crazy part about this all that a lot of people don’t understand is that every single day I put myself out there as a product and brand to show others that anyone can achieve what they set their mind to. I’ve officially been out one year and three months and have done this network from scratch. The sad part is that I’m on parole and yet I still have more publicity and development then established artist. That is correct! While on parole I still move more than an artist would which is crazy, what ever happen to grind and hustle, what ever happen to artist who really want to make it standing in the rain sleet or snow in front of a record label just to give a demo, what happen to the ways of the industry?

Many artist, label and entertainment companies ask me questions and consult with me cause my way of thinking is on another level oppose to the ordinary marketer or promoter or designer or label owner. Now it’s time to do for me in 2017 and I’m willing to help those who understand it takes money to make money but at the end of the day “GET YOUR WORTH“.

I’ve been blessed to have savvy boss made entrepreneurs that have their own vision and have become part of my collective to further their goals whether it be Fashion, Music or Film. Now it is time that I make my mark and show the non-believers and the people who said I wouldn’t amount to shit, that I was a threat to society, that I’m a convict that will end up back in prison and all the other negative comments. I’ve made it to a point where this time next year my entire team will be on top, every artist I deal with will be established and I will be off this Parole! Then the industry has a real problem BEHIND THE SCENES!