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Contact us to request our media kit and learn more about advertising opportunities available now in our quarterly magazine publication, as well as advertising opportunities available here on our website at: If you currently do not have an advertisement for your business, no problem, we can create one for you! Call or email us today to inquire about customized ad creative campaigns and/or alternative sponsorship plans. You can also call or email us to request a copy of our media kit at: (917) 719-0554 or send your email (including your name and business/organization information) to:

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Thank you for advertising with us here at:!
The process to begin your online advertising campaign for immediate placement on our website is simple:

Step 1: Submit your display advertisement via email to:
We accept the following file formats: .jpg, .gif, .png
Your email should also include:
-your contact information (first and last name, address, contact phone, email address)
-a click through url link for your display ad
-the proposed start date for your ad campaign
-your selected ad placement and rate
-your ad size/specs
Step 2: Once your proposed ad campaign is received and approved,
we will email you an invoice confirmation that will be payable upon receipt.
Step 3: Submit your payment using our secure PayPal system below. For your convenience,
you can pay using your PayPal account or debit or credit card. Once your payment
is received, your ad campaign will immediately begin on the designated start date.


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Ruben J Burgos is a sovereignty independent brand of Urban Media Global Network Collective, LLC.

General Advertising Policy

Our standard advertising rates are based on a guaranteed rate base of impressions received during a 30 day minimum. Your advertisement will run on Ruben J Burgos online editorial pages for at least 30 days. We prefer to receive all creative for your ad at least one week (i.e. five business days) prior to the designated launch of your advertising campaign.

We cannot guarantee the start date for any late advertisements received. We also reserve the right to approve or reject all advertisements that will run on If your advertising campaign is delayed for any reason, we reserve the right to extend the initial end date by the same number of days in which your campaign was delayed.

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